LOHAS is the 'must attend' event for conscious business leaders to attend.

The LOHAS Business Conference provides a cross section of executives like no other, and is known for fantastic networking with decision makers who are interested in LOHAS business. Countless deals and successful relationships have manifested as a direct result of participating in the LOHAS Business Conference.

LOHAS forum

What People Are Saying:

The combination of relevant content and unique networking opportunities proved to be unlike anything I have ever experienced.
There is no comparable opportunity to share views and to interact with the major players in the industry.
— Liva Wolf, Coalition Director, EcoBonus

LOHAS not only introduced me to highly relevant people in the green business movement but also helped manifest the most important business model evolution TerraCycle has ever gone through. I would recommend to everyone out there to buy a ticket to LOHAS as soon as possible!
— Tom Szaky, CEO, Terracycle

I don’t know any conference that so adeptly brings together that combination of consciousness and capitalism in a way that’s educational, fun, inspiring, and practical.
— Chip Conley, Founder, Joie de Vivre Hotels

LOHAS in my opinion offers the highest ROI on investment of any conference we attend, from the marketing and sales data to the spiritual rejuvenation.
— Wayne Zink, President, Endangered Species Chocolate Foundation

LOHAS was a great use of my time, in particular because it sparked a lot of new ideas for how to enhance our client counsel and thought leadership.
— Joyce Coffee, Sustainability Director, Edelman