LOHAS Background

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) describes an estimated $290 billion U.S. marketplace for goods and services focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. The consumers attracted to this market represent a sizable group in this country. Approximately 13-19% percent of the adults in the U.S. are currently considered LOHAS Consumers. This is based on surveys of the U.S. adult population estimated at 215 million.

Research shows that one in four adult Americans is part of this group—nearly 41 million people. These consumers are the future of your business and also the future of progressive social, environmental and economic change in this country. But their power as a consumer market remains virtually untapped.

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LOHAS Market Sectors:


$117 billion
Natural, organic products
Nutritional products
Integrative health care
Dietary supplements
Mind body spirit products



$100 billion
Home certification
Energy Star appliances
Sustainable flooring
Renewable energy systems
Wood alternatives 


$42 billion
Eco-tourism travel
Eco-adventure travel



$10 billion
Indoor & outdoor furnishings
Organic cleaning supplies
Compact fluorescent lights
Social change philanthropy



$20 billion
Hybrid vehicles
Biodiesel fuel
Car sharing programs


$1 billion
Renewable energy credits
Green pricing


 At first glance, it may appear that the five LOHAS sectors have little in common. For example, a manufacturer of recycled plastics or one of the automakers that is working on next-generation, energy-efficient vehicles may not appear to have much in common with an eco-tour operator or a retailer of organic clothing. But 41 million consumers believe there is commonality that transcends any operational and structural differences. The interconnections between global economies, cultures, environments, and political systems play a large role in the holistic worldview of the typical LOHAS Consumer, but equally important are the interconnections of mind, body and spirit within individuals. This focus on Personal Development, with the ultimate goal of achieving his or her full human potential, is of utmost concern to the LOHAS consumer. The current growth in this market group strongly supports the notion that spirituality is no longer relegated to the New Age periphery but is undeniably migrating to the center of mainstream cultural awareness.



We are not a membership organization and have no member fees. Our goals are to create and develop the staging area to foster LOHAS oriented community development. It is estimated that 30 percent of managers at companies within the LOHAS market are conscious consumers, yet they often feel isolated and without allies. In addition to increasing the ranks of these executives, we hope to facilitate interaction and idea exchange between these decision-makers so that the change agents leading to a viable health and sustainability model will have a meaningful impact much sooner than later.

For more information on penetrating the LOHAS market visit the LOHAS Group consulting page.