Conscious Consumers

How to reach Conscious Consumers (Part 1)

The number of magazines dedicated to the conscious consumer has grown in the past few years, and the readership base has grown as well.  It is no longer necessary for LOHAS marketers to automatically go outside the field once they want to go beyond the choir, because these media vehicles have been building ways to get new readers with every issue.

Please link to these magazines to find out more about their missions, their audiences, and how they are helping conscious consumers improve their lives through health, wellness, spirituality and lifestyle.

Part Two of this series will include editorial and advertising opportunities, circulation trends, an analysis of why each publication might help marketers, and why readers keep coming back.

Health/Wellness/Food Category

Alternative Medicine (Innovision Health Media)

Body & Soul   (Omnimedia)

Experience Life  (Life Time Fitness)

Healing Lifestyles and Spas (Independent)

Vegetarian Times  (Active Interest Media)

Optimum Wellness (Active Interest Media)

Delicious Living (Penton)

Better Nutrition (Active Interest Media)

VegNews   (Independent)

Yoga Journal  (Independent)

Yogi Times (Independent)


Plenty    (Independent)

Organic Lifestyles  (Canadian Independent)

Sunset   (Time Publications) 


Spirituality and Health (Independent) 

Thought Leader

Mother Jones  (Independent)

Ode    (Independent, Dutch-based US version)

Utne    (Ogden Publications) 

LOHAS Business/Career Publications

Healing Arts Guide (Independent) 

LOHAS Journal  (Conscious Media)

Worthwhile   (Independent)

Natural Foods Merchandiser (New Hope/Penton)