LOHAS Forum 2012 Program

Tuesday, June 12th

12:00-5:00pm - Registration Open                                                                                                                 Boulder Theater

8:30-1:00pm - Insight Tour (meet in Boulderado Hotel lobby)
Boulder is the epicenter of LOHAS business activity and a haven for many LOHAS oriented companies. Get a behind the scenes look at local LOHAS companies in action in the city and surrounding area. Click here for more info.     

9:30-5:00pm - Impact Investing Collaboratory                                                                                             Rembrandt Yard
In cooperation with The Boulder HUB, First Affirmative Financial, and the William James Foundation we will provide a unique opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to connect, learn and collaborate around the funding challenges and successes in the emerging sector alternately defined as impact investing, social entrepreneurship and sustainable venturing. Click here for more info

11:00-5:00pm - Gift room & Exhibit Space Set Up   

2:00-3:00pm - Orientation; Making the Most of the LOHAS Forum                                                            Boulder Theater
Get a feel for the new changes and what to expect at the LOHAS Forum as well as learn some techniques to maximize your conference experience.   

Ted Ning - Executive Director, LOHAS
Carrie Staller - Founder, Sustainable Sales

3:00-5:00pm - Opening Workshops        

I. Behaviors That Hold Your Business Back (This session is offsite. Please meet at Boulderado Lobby for shuttle)
The work of Vista Caballo can cause profound change across a multitude of industry sectors and the challenges those companies face. If you are one of the new breed of leaders, a courageous, self-aware, creative thinker and a conscious capitalist with an innate understanding that success in today’s world demands new ways of thinking, new ways of learning and new ways of interacting, you will want to attend this presentation. Our learning experiences fundamentally change how you think about yourself, your relationships, your life and your business resulting in better clarity, heightened confidence and a renewed vitality to thrive like never before.     
Lisa Arie - Founder, Vista Caballo    

II. Asking For Money: Less Anxiety and More Success                                                                           
Boulderado Hotel
If the thought of asking for money makes your stomach turn, learning some basic skills can not only help overcome your fear and anxiety, it can allow you to present your mission and values in a compelling way and make your case to donors or investors with confidence. This high energy workshop will help entrepreneurs, nonprofit staff, and board members build skills through theory and hands-on experiential practice of effective funding development. Be prepared for a lot of interaction, role-play, feedback, and fun!
John Heymann - CEO, New Level Group (moderator)
John Powers, Board President & Founder Alliance for Sustainable Colorado
Khanh Nguyen - Portfolio Director, Colorado Health Foundation 

Rich Hoops -  Co-Founder/Board Member at HUB Boulder

III. Make it Personal, Make it Stick: Creating a Culture of Sustainability
                                                         Rembrandt Yard
It's a cliche: “our employees are our greatest asset.” Really, engaged employees are the useful asset. Recent studies show that American workers are unhappier now than ever before. Confused, apathetic workers are a liability. Conversely, organizations with engaged workers have 3.9 times the earnings per share growth rate. Join Hunter Lovins and Catherine Greener in an interactive workshop to learn how leading companies are making their sustainability training programs “sticky” by creating a personal connection to their employees’ values. Building on what employees care about, inspiring a commitment to action, and driving participation will create deeper employee engagement and behavior change throughout all levels of an organization.    
Hunter Lovins - President & Founder, Natural Capitalism Solutions   
IV. LOHAS Next Generation: The Future of Cultural Branding                                                               Shambhala Center
Meet the next generation of Conscious Consumers, young, hip, urban, multi-cultural and deeply invested in community.  According to Census 2010 culturally diverse populations represented over 50% of US population growth over the past decade and are poised to represent 72% by 2050.   As they “Occupy”  the vision for a new economy- who is poised to engage the emerging consciousness of young urban consumers?  And what will it take to forge a compelling value proposition that resonates with their own flavor of success?

Kamilah Forbes - Director/ Producer, Performing Arts
Jayson Jackson - Principal, Seven Days Entertainment
Rha Goddess - CEO, Move the Crowd   

Eve Smith - Strategic Consultant, BBMG 

5:30-7:00pm - Opening Networking Reception                                                                                          Boulderado Hotel
7:15-7:25pm - Opening Remarks    
Ted Ning - Executive Director, LOHAS    

7:25-8:45pm - The Redeeming Power of Capitalism                                                                                    Boulder Theater
In an age of increasing cynicism, more people are recognizing that we can’t change outcomes unless we change the rules of the game.  How do consumers, investors, and workers find companies they want to support? Learn how a growing community of leading LOHAS businesses and investors is passing legislation across the country to create a new kind of corporation that meets the needs of the LOHAS community. We welcome you to share your own thoughts and experiences during this interactive audience roundtable.
Jay Coen-Gilbert - Co Founder, B Lab
Bryan Welch - Publisher, Ogden Publications
Kim Coupounas - Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer, GoLite
Blake Jones - President, Namaste Solar

Wednesday, June 13th

7:00-7:30am Meditation                                                                                                                              Shambhala Center
Start Your Morning with the Right with Guided Meditation:  Visualizations for Peace, Energy and Clarity
Jonathan Ellerby PhD, CEO TAO Inspired Living author of the international best-seller, Inspiration Deficit Disorder  

7:00-7:45am Yoga                                                                                                                                          Shine Restaurant
Energizing Morning Class to Invigorate You For the Rest of the Day
7:00-7:45am E-Bike ride                                                                                                                               Boulderado Hotel
Sponsored by Optibike

7:30-8:30am Continental Breakfast                                                                                                               Boulder Theater
7:30-5pm Registration Open       

8:45-9:00am Opening Remarks                                                                                                                      Boulder Theater
Ted Ning - Executive Director, LOHAS   

9:00-9:30am - Redefining Environment                                                                                                        
Boulder Theater
Francis discusses how the environmental crisis is a reflection of social and economic inequality. From peace and justice to everyday civility, Francis contends that our lack of connection to one another, as well as to the Earth, is at the heart of the environmental crisis
Dr. John Francis - Founder, Planet Walker

9:30-9:45am - As The Colors Turn                                                                                                                 Boulder Theater
Color stimulates all our senses and conveys message like no other communication method. But do you know why? Hue Are What You Paint is a fusion of Chroma Therapy, Color Psychology and marketing. Your chakras will spin with delight in this color sensory-experience seminar. You’ll see how the color of your clothing, environment and food affects your emotions, behavior, health and even your spending habits.       
Denise Turner - Color Turners 

9:45-10:20 - The Interconnectedness of Personal & Planetary Health                                                      
Boulder Theater
LOHAS, as we know, stands for “Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability,” – but we seem to spend more time talking about the “S” than the “H,” even though personal health is highly correlated with planetary health. As the original LOHAS consulting firm, having quantified the Global marketplace in 23 countries since 2002, NMI experts Steve French and Gwynne Rogers will explore the intersection of personal and planetary health – how the two areas support and reinforce one another and how the concept has morphed into mainstream consciousness.  Learn about the trends impacting this intersection to generate appeal to a broader swath of consumers.
Steve French - Managing Partner, Natural Marketing Institute
Gwynne Rogers - LOHAS Business Director, Natural Marketing Institute

10:20-10:35am - Wisdom of Words                                                                                                               
Boulder Theater
Social commentary by nationally acclaimed slam poetry group SlamNUBA

10:35-10:45am - Break
Sponsored by thinkThin, Calvert Investments, White Wave, Vitamix, NativeEnergy, and Optibike

10:45-11:00am - Biz Competition                                                                                                                  
Boulder Theater
Presentations from the top 3 finalists of the first LOHAS business plan competition. The audience votes to determines the winner who win $1000 cash and $10k in marketing services.
Finalists - Back to the Roots, KeoK'Jay, Snack Packers
Presented by Ian Fisk - Executive Director, William James Foundation
Sponsored by Saeger Media Group

11:00-11:10am - The Lexicon of Sustainability                                                                                            
Boulder Theater
People can't be expected to live more sustainable lives if they don’t know the most basic terms and principles that define sustainability. If words are the building blocks for new ideas, with the power to activate change and transform societies, what would the language of sustainability sound like? Douglas Gayeton found out in conversations with over 200 thought leaders who shared their vision (and words) for how to build a more sustainable food system in the USA.
Douglas Gayeton - Lexicon of Sustainability

11:10-11:40am - The Spirit of Free Enterprise and the Rise of Creativity Can Catalyse Humanity to the Next Era of Evolution
How can global business best activate global creativity and play a major role in the shift from crisis toward the birth of a cocreative, coevolving humanity? Barbara will explore the meaning of our crises as a growing opportunity for conscious evolution. Evolution itself is evolving from unconscious to conscious choice.  This means each individual is more deeply motivated from within by the Evolutionary Impulse to be more, do more, express more, give more and create more.  The “genius” of universal evolution is arising in the hearts within millions of us as the desire for more meaningful vocation and life purpose. The non-linear, exponential connectivity of novel interactions can jump the system to a higher order.  The spirit of enterprise and the spirit of evolution are mingling.  How can conscious business and conscious evolution join to foster the greatest age of creativity the world has ever known. 
Barbara Marx Hubbard - Founder, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

11:40-11:50am - Plastic Straw Free                                                                                                               
Boulder Theater
10 year-old social entrepreneur, Milo Cress, founder of BeStrawFree.org, will discuss how he grew a small idea into an expanding project in which kids and adults, schools, businesses and organizations around the world are now participating.
Milo Cress - Founder of BeStrawFree.org

11:50-12:00pm - The Power of Voice                                                                                                            
Boulder Theater
The risk and rewards of finding your voice to creation action and the ripple effect that occurs when you empower others to use theirs. Shannon shifts the perception of victims into changemakers by focusing on the women and girls in conflict zones like Afghanistan who are taking enormous risks to be heard and take action.
Shannon Galpin - Founder, Mountain to Mountain Foundation

12:00-1:30pm - Lunch                                                                                                                                   Shine Restaurant

12:00-1:30 - VIP Speaker/Sponsor Lunch                                                                                                   Boulderado Hotel
                               Sponsored by TAO Inspired Living
1:00-5:00pm - Gift Room & Media Lounge Open                                                                                         Rembrandt Yard

1:00-8:30pm - Exhibit Area Open                                                                                                                  
Rembrandt Yard

1:30-2:30pm - Breakout Sessions

I. Moving from trial to loyalty                                                                                                                       Boulderado Hotel
Roughly 90% of the American population claims to have purchased a green product.  Now, their definition of green may be vastly different than yours, but the question still remains:  if almost everyone in America has bought a green product, why aren't green products dominating sales and market share charts?  Trial and loyalty are two different things...and moving consumers from one to the other is now the job at hand.  Suzanne Shelton of Shelton Group, one of the nation's leading marketing and advertising agencies specializing exclusively in the sustainability market, will share insights from her firm's ongoing polling of Americans, and lay out a pathway to earning recurring sales and long-term market share gain.
Suzanne Shelton - President and CEO, Shelton Group

Il. The Future of Wellness: How Consumers Define “Healthy” at Retail                                                   Rembrandt Yard
For the past two years, New Hope Natural Media has spent time in the field—in consumers' homes, kitchens and in the grocery store—to determine what being “healthy” means. Last year, we discovered that people aren’t as healthy as they would like to be and there are many barriers to health, including time, money and lack of information. This year, we took the retail angle to find out how "healthy" translates in the retail setting and what marketing, product packaging and labels resonate with consumers. Hearing words such as “I’m confused,” and “Desperate,” what we discovered was a little unsettling, and yet, ripe with opportunity for manufacturers and retailers alike.
Nancy Coulter-Parker - Director of Insights and Product Development, New Hope Natural Media
Dave Kingsbury - VP of New Product Development & Research, New Hope Natural Media

IlI. Spirituality in Business; Leading from a Deeper Place                                                                      Shambhala Center

Does the soul have a place at work? Should you make decisions based on intuition? Is LOHAS a spiritual movement? Are all green businesses ethical? Learn about various levels of management and decision-making ranging from fear to compassion, and from finance to spirit.  Explore the frontiers of leadership to help you to expand your work and life in a new and soulful way. Join this session to untangle these questions and much more.
Jonathan Ellerby PhD - CEO, TAO Inspired Living

IV. Fair Trade Goes Mainstream: Scaling the sustainable supply chain to increase impact                   Boulder Theater
Sales of Fair Trade certified products grew in the US by 75 percent in 2001, reflecting a rapid acceptance of Fair Trade by mainstream retailers and growing awareness by consumers. Fair Trade products represent 800 brands sold in at least 100,000 retail outlets, from Fair Trade Certified bell peppers at Whole Foods to fresh baked banana bread at Sam’s
Club.  This rapid growth has not been without challenges and questions: Can a grassroots model be taken to scale while maintaining high standards and credibility?  How can the impact of Fair Trade be significantly increased in a way that works best for industry, farmers and consumers alike?

Nick Forster - Founder & Host, eTown (moderator)
Mary Jo Cook - Chief Impact Officer, Fair Trade USA
David Walker, Bakery Buyer, Sam’s Club
John Simmons, CEO, Third Street Chai

2:45-3:45pm - Breakout Sessions

I. Intrapreneurship                                                                                                                                        Boulderado Hotel
Intrapreneurship – Gurus state to change you will need to start from within. This saying holds true for employees of large companies. This session will discuss the success and failures of change agents embedded in larger companies who have been able to spark ideas that have transformed into successful company programs.
TJ Bellafiore - Organizational Development Consultant, Honda Motors (moderator)
Kevin Rutherford - CEO, Mrs Meyers
Tom LaForge - Director of Insights Coca Cola

Joyce Coffee - Vice President Business + Social Purpose, Edelman

II. Women Led Business - Dealing With the Tough Stuff                                                                            Rembrandt Yard
In the predominantly masculine business world how is the approach to business different for women entrepreneurs and leaders?  Are there benefits to approaching business differently? Hear from these women who have been tried and tested on various aspects of business and learn how they have become successful.
Sylvia Tawse - CEO, Fresh Ideas Group (moderator)
Jane Iredale - CEO, Iredale Cosmetics
Madeleine Buckingham - CEO, Mother Jones Magazine
Jodi Berg - CEO, Vitamix

Ill. LOHAS Media Dynamics — Tensions and Trust                                                                                 Shambhala Center
This lively panel will explore the key role media plays in the LOHAS space, and at the challenges media stakeholders face in providing balanced, accurate reporting of significant issues within an ad-supported context. Through first-hand stories and insider reflections, we'll look at factors that drive essential revenue but that may also tendency to: A) skew or supress editorial; and B) alienate, betray or offend the values of a loyal LOHAS audience. We'll also consider related trends within in a media industry now undergoing seismic change.
Pilar Gerasimo – Editor in Chief, Experience Life Magazine (moderator)
Robyn Hessinger – Editor in Chief, Care2.com
Terri Trespicio – Consultant; Former Senior Editor, Whole Living, Martha Stewart Omnimedia

Dave Schiff - Co-Founder, Made Movement

IV. Future of Food                                                                                                                                     Boulder Theater
Our relationship with food is vital to our existence. Yet through its commoditization it has become a battleground for special interests and over cultivation, processing and distribution. How do we re-establish our connection with food that embraces honors farmers, and nutrition while maintaining a business edge? Hear from experts who have been successful in combining these and who will share their visions of what is around the corner for society.

Liz Myslik - CEO, Fresca Brands (moderator)
Elizabeth Candelario - Marketing Director Demeter USA
Steve Demos - Founder, Good Belly & White Wave Foods
Mike Ferry - President, Horizon Dairy

4:00-5:00pm - Breakout Sessions

I. Innovative Ways of Raising Capital                                                                                                    Boulderado Hotel
In the ever evolving LOHAS market there is one constant – the need for money. How can companies position themselves to get access no only to capital but the right type of funding for their needs? This panel will discuss the various options that are available for companies of various sizes warn of pitfalls and give techniques on how best to navigate the dating game between potential investors and your business.
Steve Schueth - President, First Affirmative Financial Network (moderator)
Woody Tasch - Founder, Slow Money
Kim Bixel - CFO, Pangea Organics

Matt Stamski - Associate, Faegre, Baker Daniels

Il. Getting Behind the Brand                                                                                                                       Rembrandt Yard
What are the hallmarks of the endearing brands that extend beyond traditional “feature/ benefits” messaging to a higher level in order to engage and inspire consumers to take sustainable action? This panel will discuss new insights into specific motivators behind sustainable behavior change, the power of a ‘cause communications’ and examples of successful strategies.
William Shutkin - President, Presidio Graduate School (moderator)
Joyce Coffee - Vice President Business + Social Purpose, Edelman

Matthew Alsted - Vice President, Channel Marketing and Brand Strategy, Calvert Investments
Craig Shiesley – President Silk Brand, WhiteWave Foods

lII. LOHAS Opportunities in China                                                                                                          Shambhala Center
We all have heard that China is booming and the growing middle class is interested in LOHAS products. But how many know the nuances of the culture and what drives Chinese consumers purchasing decisions? Hear from experts who can give in depth perspective behind the Chinese mindset on LOHAS values and their relationship to health and environment. Determine if China is a good market for your brand.

Ted Ning - Executive Director, LOHAS (moderator)
Amena Lee Schaikjer - Wellness Innovator, The Wellness Works
Richard Brubaker - Managing Director, Collective Responsibility
Renee Hartman - Co-Founder, China Luxury Network

IV. Social Entrepreneurial Solutions to Eradicating Food Deserts                                                              Boulder Theater
Food deserts affect us all, not just people who live in areas where healthful, affordable food is difficult to obtain. And yet, even though many people consider this to be one of the most critical issues facing America over the next twenty years, what has yet to take shape is a unified vision for eradicating food deserts and fixing our food system. Join veteran food activists and social entrepreneurs in learning more about this issue that touches us all and how we can creatively increase community food security. Explore how you can be part of the solution.
Fred Haberman - President and Co-Owner, Haberman & Associates Inc (moderator)
Curt Ellis - Food Activist and Filmmaker
Gemma Gorhman - Project Director of Brown University's Institute for Community Health Promotion and Founder of 'Fresh To You'

5:15-6:15pm - Closing Session

Society and Energy - Now What?                                                                                                                Boulder Theater
The concerns over climate change and energy security are driving a push to a long-term energy system that is more resilient, more self-reliant, and less carbon-intensive. But turning around enormous systems such as transportation and electricity is no small feat. What are we learning about how change happens? In the absence of strong government policy as a driver, what impacts can market-driven energy shifts create? This discussion will talk about challenges and advancements as utilities and automakers new strategies and how innovations to shift how consumers engage with their cars and energy use.
Alison Peters – Managing Director, University of Colorado LEEDs School of Business (moderator)
Ben Holland – Project Manager of Project Get Ready, Rocky Mountain Institute
Jaycie Chitwood - Future Fuels and Environmental Strategy Manager, Toyota USA

Cory Welch - Associate Director, Navigant Consulting 

6:15-8:30pm - Exhibit Fair/ Networking Reception/Ice Cream Social                                                  Rembrandt Yard

                           Sponsored by Fair Trade USA

9:00-? - LOHAS After Party                                                                                                                         Shine Restaurant

Thursday, June 14th

7:00-7:30am Meditation                                                                                                                              Shambhala Center
Start Your Morning with the Right with Guided Meditation:  Visualizations for Peace, Energy and Clarity
Jonathan Ellerby
PhD, CEO TAO Inspired Living author of the international best-seller, Inspiration Deficit Disorder  

7:00-7:45am Yoga                                                                                                                                         Shine Restaurant
Energizing Morning Class to Invigorate You For the Rest of the Day
7:00-7:45am E-Bike ride                                                                                                                   Boulderado Hotel Lobby
Sponsored by Optibike

7:45-5pm Registration Open                                                                                                                         Boulder Theater

8:45-9:00am Opening Remarks
Ted Ning - Executive Director, LOHAS

9:00-9:30am – Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success                      
Boulder Theater
At the start of his career, Chip Conley believed that in order to become a successful CEO he’d have to become superhuman. But after 24 years as CEO of the company he founded (Joie de Vivre Hospitality – the 2nd largest boutique hotelier in the world), he came to realize that the best business leaders aren’t superhuman, they’re simply super humans who’ve become Chief Emotions Officers. Chip will share how an equation saved his life and how to better understand and manage the one thing we all have in common: our emotions
Chip Conley - Chairman, Joie de Vive Hospitalty

9:30-9:45am - We Are the 99                                                                                                                         
Boulder Theater
Musical Commentary by New Garden

9:45-10:15am -
The Internet vs The Inner Net
The Internet and various devices to connect to it are a constant presence in our life. All the information that comes towards us around the clock demands our attention and response. And yet, the most important technology that we use to respond is a very ancient technology - our body, mind, breath and consciousness- Our Innernet. How can we nurture and manage our inner technologies or our  Innernet in the midst of responding to the needs of all the technology that surrounds us.
Gopi Kallayil -
Community Partnerships and Marketing Leader, Google+        

10:15-10:30am - How to be part of the Plastic Solution                                                                              Boulder Theater
Five years ago, after learning about the devastating effects of plastic pollution on the environment and human health, Beth Terry began an experiment to see if she could live without buying any new plastic.  Since then, she has successfully reduced her plastic waste to less than 2% of the national average.  Now she wants to help you kick your plastic habit.  In her talk, Terry will share her inspiring story, practical solutions, and the reasons why, despite what some critics assert, our personal actions really do make a difference. Beth Terry, founder MyPlasticFreeLife.com and author of Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too
Beth Terry - Founder, MyPlasticFreeLife.com

10:30- 10:45am Break
Sponsored by thinkThin, Calvert Investments, White Wave, Vitamix, NativeEnergy, Toyota, Optibike

10:45-11:00am - Scholarship announcements                                                                                            
Boulder Theater
Sponsored by Rancho La Puerta

10:45-11:15am - Eliminating the Idea of Waste                                                                                            
Boulder Theater
Waste is a modern man made idea that through the creation of national collection and solution programs can be eliminated.  Learn how TerraCycle, through partnership with major manufacturing companies from Frito-Lay to Imperial Tobacco, has launched national collection and solution programs for hundreds of various traditionally non-recycbale waste streams (ranging from chip bags to cigarette butts) in over 20 countries around the world.
Tom Szaky - CEO, TerraCycle

11:15-11:30am - Slam Poetry                                                                                                                         
Boulder Theater
Social commentary by nationally acclaimed slam poetry group SlamNUBA

11:30-12:00pm - Solutions from the Underground: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World           
Boulder Theater
As we are now well engaged in the 6th Major Extinction (“6 X”) on planet Earth, our biosphere is quickly changing, eroding the life support systems that have allowed humans to ascend. Unless we put into action policies and technologies that can cause a course correction in the very near future, species diversity will continue to plummet. What can we do? Fungi, particularly mushrooms, offer some powerful, practical solutions, which can be put into practice now. Paul's hope is that this talk will deepen your understanding and respect for the organisms that literally exist under every footstep you take on this path of life.
Paul Stamets - Mycologist, Fungi Perfecti

12:00-1:30pm - Lunch                                                                                                                                   Shine Restaurant

1:00-5:00pm - Exhibit Area, Gift Room & Media Lounge Open                                                                   Rembrandt Yard

1:30-2:30pm - Breakout Sessions

I. New Strategies For Succeeding With Today's Green Consumer                                                          Boulderado Hotel
Today’s green consumer is very much mainstream— and demanding. Representing 83% of all adults, green consumers need to be appealed to in targeted ways, and look for direct “what’s in it for me” benefits when making their purchase decisions. In this highly interactive and fast-paced session, Jacquie Ottman, green marketing expert and author will provide highlights from her latest book, The New Rules of Green Marketing, answer your questions, and engage attendees in a dynamic brainstorm of ideas for strategies, tactics and resources for engaging today’s consumers in greener, more healthful products.
Jacquie Ottman - Founder, J. Ottman Consulting, Inc.

II. Updated In Sustainable Packaging                                                                                                           Rembrandt Yard

Sustainable packaging is a complicated issue with many stakeholders. The lessons of unintended consequence must guide our thinking on sustainable solutions for packaging. What can the CPG industry do as a whole to make sure the right materials are sourced, recycled and reused? Join in the conversation with packaging suppliers, manufacturers, recyclers.

Tom Wright - Project Manager, Sustainable Bizness Practices (moderator)
Dennis Salazar - President, Salzaar Packaging
Alan Murray - CEO, Goodbelly
Eric Lombardi - Founder, Ecocycle

lll. Recognizing the Powers of Subtle Energy                                                                                          Shambhala Center
The term energy has many definitions in LOHAS. It is what we are made of and we subconsciously interact with this daily and come into contact with things that are disrupt its flow. It is something that needs to be protected or balanced to maintain daily harmony. Hear from experts who can provide insight into recognizing and understanding this energy and methods on maintaining its strength and balance.
Ann Reed - Publisher, Spirituality & Health Magazine (moderator)
Jonathan Ellerby PhD - CEO, TAO Inspired Living

Gopi Kallayil - Group Product Marketing Manager, Google    

IV. High Impact Partnerships                                                                                                                         
Boulder Theater
How brands and non-profits can create meaningful progress and brand- value through collaboration on environmental issues. Panelist Topic-Focus: 1% for the Planet: A rap-session on High Impact Partnerships. Panelists will explore how brands and non-profits can create meaningful progress and brand-value through collaboration on environmental issues. In this breakout session companies from the 1% for the Planet network will explore how partnerships between businesses and causes of sustainability can create brand-value and important progress on environmental issues. Hear first hand experiences related to the challenges and opportunities of brand-integrated environmental philanthropy from some of the high impact leading members of the 1% for the Planet network.

Melody Badgett - SVP Marketing, 1% for the Planet (moderator)
Jeff Cresswell - COO, Klean Kanteen
Sue Harvey Brown - Marketing Manager, Patagonia Footwear 
Katie Wallace - Sustainability Specialist, New Belgium Brewing Company

2:45-4:45pm - Workshops

I. So You Think You Can Pitch??                                                                                                                 Boulderado Hotel
Get ready for some fun, insights and challenges as LOHAS provides the first PR pitch slam! This is where you will have a chance to attain basic media training and an opportunity to present your idea and product to a panel of media experts who will then critique your pitch and product. Each participant has 1 minute to present their idea in a manner that should be attractive for press. Creativity is encouraged!  Audience participation is a must as you get to hear what resonates with press and why.

Katy Saeger - Founder, Saeger Media Group
Waylon Lewis - Founder, elephantjournal.com
Pilar Gerasimo – Editor in Chief, Experience Life Magazine
David Walker, Bakery Buyer, Sam’s Club
Terri Trespicio – Consultant; Former Senior Editor, Whole Living, Martha Stewart Omnimedia

II. Your Business, Your Story, Your Way                                                                                                       Rembrandt Yard
There’s a mystique about speaking that convinces us there's “a way” to do it.  Step aside from that myth and consider your way.  Gail Larsen’s liberating approach to public speaking takes you to the heart of what you want to say while learning to trust your inherent capacity to communicate with individuality and originality to open hearts, inspire change, and move others to act. In this session, you will: Explore your unique gifts, story and the message that only you can deliver. Discover the “home zone,” where your power as a speaker emerges. Practice the 3 key presentation skills that will enliven your communications, on or off the speaking platform. Through demo coaching, observe the power of story to make the human connection that sets the stage for your message to be heard. This will be lively, engaging, supportive, and fun, inviting you to call forth your best as you stretch to the size of your calling.
Gail Larsen - Founder, Real Speaking

lll. The Next Generation Corporate Wellness                                                                                           Shambhala Center
The ever increasing toxic load in our environment from chemical usage compromises our health and the health of the planet.  This will ultimately increase our health care costs personally and professionally. Many business health insurance programs are cumbersome and difficult to understand. The workshop will explore the next generation of corporate wellness methods that create personalized, targeted solutions for company employees. These include integrative evidence based wellness strategies you can implement with your employees can positively impact your ROI. You will gain insights into your own health and best ways to enhance the health of your employees.
Julia Brulia - Human Resources/Corporate Liaison, Ecospa360
Linda Clark – Certified Nutrition Consultant, Universal Wellness Associates
Priti Odedra – President, Ecospa360

IV.How to Create Brand Loyalty and Advocacy Through Social Media Marketing                                   Boulder Theater
You will discover how to take your brand to the next level as we explore social shopper data, understanding the role of customer data, crisis management, insights, and brand digital translations.  This interactive panel will share examples of social media community building, viral video campaigns, and other marketing success elements that will reveal new ways for you to build your brand.  Join us to learn about the latest social media strategies to spark greater word of mouth and sales for your company.
Brett Greene - Group Practice Director, Room 214 (moderator)

James Clark - Co-Founder, Room 214
Wendy Hofsetter - Social Media Manager, Udi's Granola and Gluten Free Foods
Rich Fleck - VP, GM Digital Strategy Practice, eCRM, Merkle Connect
Steven Sashen
- Owner, XeroShoes.com

5:00-7:00pm Closing Reception                                                                                                                   Shine Restaurant