Jeff Cresswell

Klean Kanteen

Growing up at the foot of the Sierra, Jeff at an early age developed a passion of the outdoors and the connection between human behavior and the natural world.  This passion led him to pursue a degree in Fisheries Biology from Humboldt State University.  Jeff worked in the Fisheries field for a few years before taking a job with his family and moving back home to Chico, California where for the past 6 years has dedicated his time to all things Klean.  Klean is a family owned and operated company, and Jeff has touched every functional role, from driving a forklift to driving the vision and mission of the brand throughout the company.  Jeff's unique sense of self, community, and family is a touchstone throughout Klean Kanteen.  As an unexpected businessman, Jeff has successfully performed the judo move of replacing himself with folks that have the brand passion and leadership skills to drive Klean into the future. Jeff remains keeper of the vision and brand steward, and can be found checking in with the folks at Klean or daydreaming of mountain biking, trail running or fly fishing.