Tips for Greening Your Hotel and Your Business

Tips for Greening Your Hotel and Your Business

1. Set a target for a 50% reduction in landfill waste and a 20% reduction in paper use.

2. Redistribute/recycle all soaps and amenities.

3. Establish recycling programs that include paper, cardboard, cans, glass, kitchen grease and organic waste. The more comprehensive the better!

4. Establish a policy to identify and dispose of hazardous waste.

5. Initiate phase out programs for disposable items to reduce the waste stream. For example, styrofoam should not be used.

6. Add guest room recycling bins. The average guest produces about 2 lbs of waste per night so in-room recycling is important.

7. Make sure you are using energy efficient lighting such as compact fluorescent or LED.

8. Standardize all hot water tank temperatures to save energy.

9. Examine your purchasing policy. Identify and purchase environmentally friendly products such as cleaners, amenetities, and even paints and carpets.

10. Buy recycled paper products that have high post consumer content.

11. Streamline the use of cleaning agents – eliminate hazardous materials.

12. Purchase only refined motor oils and re-inked printer cartridges.

13. Negotiate with your suppliers to reduce and eliminate excess packaging.

14. Purchase organic and locally grown food.

15. Establish a policy to replace toilets that use more than 2 gallons per flush or have these fitted with a toilet dam to conserve water.

16. Replace all showerheads and taps with low-flow alternatives.

17. Divert organic waste from the landfill by composting.