LOHAS focuses on educating and building community around the central theme of healthy and sustainable lifestyles for individuals and societies. LOHAS provides business focused resources on the growing $290B LOHAS market and serves as the central hub for education, updated news, and B2B gatherings of those cultivating the LOHAS movement.  LOHAS not only shares information but also provides practical tools and techniques for people to implement into their businesses that enable LOHAS values to penetrate into various situations. These values include: authenticity, transparency, honesty, integrity, professionalism and love for mankind and the planet.

Key Messages:

The momentum of LOHAS has been in the making of 14 years with the LOHAS Forum, the LOHAS Journal and website activity. It continues to be a leading organization that not only provides direction for best business practices and innovations but also provides the contextual glue connecting various companies together that cater to the same LOHAS oriented consumer. For example a yoga company has something in common with a hybrid car company within the framework of the LOHAS. From this place of understanding sprout unique conversations that otherwise would not take place. LOHAS develops its courage to push boundaries and challenge conventional thought on our future. It chooses to be aspirational instead of preachy. It is also a primary reason why it has attracted so much interest and attention from industry and individuals.

Shared Vision
LOHAS is the larger umbrella concept that unites many beliefs and ideas together into one collective. LOHAS welcomes contributions and opinions from others who can help expand the awareness. LOHAS is welcoming to all interested regardless of background, affiliation or profession. It is not exclusionary or judgmental and is a bridge builder and not a gate keeper. LOHAS understands there are varying levels of entry and understanding and expects all others involved to do the same. With the intentions by many and the creative collective LOHAS can be boundless.

LOHAS is the channel for unique partnerships, branding and business to occur. Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to connect with such a broad intersection of likeminded professionals. Networking opportunities at LOHAS events are boundless.

Through case studies, workshops, practical examples, listings, trend forecasts and in-depth articles, LOHAS provides realistic examples for individuals to incorporate LOHAS practices in their businesses and personal lives.

LOHAS celebrates the wonderment and achievement by visionaries, entrepreneurs and companies who have been able to blend innovations of spirit and environment.  LOHAS applauds past pioneers, today's trailblazers and tomorrow’s leaders of LOHAS while also challenging all to build upon what they offer now, envisioning a truly sustainable business climate – and planet – in the future.