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LOHAS Consumer Research

2010 Study: Consumers & Individual Action in the LOHAS Space: A Global Perspective read>>

2009 Study: LOHAS Consumers Around the World   read>>

2008 Study: Change is in the Air   read>>

2007 Study: Connecting Values With Consumers   read>>

2007 Study: The Growth of LOHAS Internationally    read>>

2006 Study: Understanding the LOHAS Consumer: The Rise of Ethical Consumerism    read>>

2005 Study: Marketplace Opportunities: Growth and Market Opportunities  read>>

LOHAS Market Size Research

2008 Market Size (most current market analysis) read>>

2005 Market Size  read >>

2002 Market Size   read >> 

2000 Market Size  read>> 

Other market research reports

2011 State of Green Business Report (by read>>

2010 State of Green Business Report (by read>>

2011 Unleashed: How the New Consumer will Revolutionize Brands and Scale Sustainability (by BBMG)

2009 Study: The Market for Responsible Tourism Products  read>>

2009 Factsheet: Center for Responsible Travel - Responsible Travel: U.S. Trends & Statistics read>>

2011 Presenation about consumer trends and profiles
(by the natural marketing institute) read>>

Other research reports

2012 Study: Green City Index - Comparison of cities in terms of their environmental performance Green city index read>>

2011 Study: Greening the Workplace 2011 - Engaging Employees to Benefit the Planet and the Bottom Line read>>

2010 Study: Global trends in sustainability performance management

2011 Study: The Democracy Index – research measuring the state of democracy worldwide for 165 independent states read>>


The most updated research on the LOHAS Market place can be found in the LOHAS Journal.

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