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St. Julien Mountain ViewThe St. Julien Hotel & Spa is committed to doing its part to minimize the impact of the Hotel and its guests on the environment.  The St. Julien realizes that the decisions it makes as an organization affect not just the environment of the Hotel, but also that of the community.  As such the St. Julien recognizes its need to constantly be aware of how it is affecting the world around it. 

In an attempt to continually improve environmental efforts, the St. Julien has formed a Green Committee, whose goals are to spearhead environment efforts, which will reduce the Hotel’s footprint on the community, while maintaining the high level of service and quality demanded by the guests. 


As part of St Julien’s Environmental Commitment, the following initiatives have been undertaken:


  • Engineering has upgraded ~75% of the lighting in the Hotel to energy efficient CFL bulbs
  • The St Julien became a member of EcoCycle’s Zero Waste Program during the Summer 2007.  As part of that program the Hotel:
    • Recycles paper, newspaper, cardboard
    • Recycles commingled plastic, glass, metal containers
    • Composts food products and waste
  • Low- flow toilets have been installed in both the public areas and guest rooms
  • Motion detector faucets and toilets have been installed in public areas
  • All guest room windows are double-paned to minimize energy loss
  • Kitchen oil waste is provided to a third party which turns the oil into bio-diesel
  • The Hotel purchased a fuel efficient diesel van for local hotel pickups/drop-offs 
  • The Hotel made a conscious effort to not utilize any leather products in its public areas or guest rooms
  • The Spa utilizes cruelty-free products which do not test on animals
  • The Spa sources local organic products when appropriate
  • The Restaurant sources local organic food and beverages when appropriate
  • The Concierge Desk encourages guests to use non-polluting transportation by providing bicycles to guests free of charge St. Julien Bath
  • The Laundry Department has installed a water recycling system which reduces the runtime of the laundry equipment while also reducing the energy consumption of the machines
  • Housekeeping provides guests with the option of re-using their linens during their stay
  • Housekeeping provides guests with the option of re-using their towels during their stay
  • Human Resources provides an Ecopass to all hotel employees, encouraging them to utilize public transportation
  • Human Resources provides reusable dishware for employees in the  break room

The Restaurant (Jill’s), Food & Beverage and Banquet departments at the Hotel have been certified locally by PACE (Partners for A Clean Environment)

What is PACE? - The overall goal of the PACE program is to reduce the use of hazardous materials and the amount of waste to water, land, and air that results from business, government, and household activities in Boulder County. In order to meet this goal, PACE staff identify Pollution Prevention outreach needs, compile information, and provide motivation for businesses to achieve emission and waste reductions beyond compliance levels.

One part of PACE certification examines the purchase, use and proper disposal of chemicals used in the Hotel. All of the cleaning agents used by housekeeping in the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and banquet areas are currently sourced from EcoLab.

Below is a statement from the EcoLab website: “At Ecolab, making the world a cleaner, safer place is our business. We are committed to providing our customers with the most effective and efficient cleaning, food safety and infection control programs available. Sustainability is inherent in our products and services. From concentrated, solid formulations to innovative packaging and dispensing methods, our products are designed to help increase safety, lower the use of water and energy, and reduce the chemicals and waste released to the environment. Strengthened by the expertise of our associates and combined with our dedication to social responsibility, these offerings provide value to our customers and the global economy – and help foster a more sustainable world.” More information about EcoLab, click

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If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the St. Julien’s environmental efforts,
please feel free to contact Darren Johnston at (303) 565-2131.